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 Boot Covers

Boot Covers is the very definition of WiperMaster.com, the online clearinghouse powerhouse when it comes to the quality, selection, savings, and service you deserve on thousands of workplace health and safety products! We are proud to offer American labor and business a comprehensive catalog of boot covers, nitrile gloves, ear plugs, eye protection, and more - always more, for our incredible inventory keeps growing with new arrivals every single day. Whether you or your workers process food or manufacture microchips, donning one of these covers will protect both user and the product being made from contamination. Choose from simple disposable designs for general protection or high quality makes specifically created to deal with chemicals. If you don't see at WiperMaster.com, it probably doesn't exist!

Of course, we do welcome special orders on the rare chance that it isn't being carried, though you can rest assured that the superb selection you find here should more than suffice for the vast majority of your needs, whether it's boot covers or anything else related to workplace safety apparel. Moreover, shop WiperMaster.com and get superior customer service satisfaction like no other. That's because we are a family-owned and operated local small business, so we take your WiperMaster.com experience personally! WiperMaster.com combines the best of modern 21st Century online shopping convenience with good old-fashioned "mom and pop" customer care, and despite all the thousands of products we stock we count your complete satisfaction our greatest offering of all.

That's WiperMaster.com, a business that respects your business. We're not the online destination for safety supplies simply due to low prices and exceptional selections. With WiperMaster.com, you don't only get a product; you get the whole company with you each and every order! We are right there with you behind all the purchases you make. When you buy from us, you're not just getting the best you can get for your dollar. You're getting the whole WiperMaster.com family!

  Boot-Licking Bullies

Is workplace bullying the new frontier in occupational health and safety? Unfortunately, this type of occupational hazard is particularly hard to identify and, even, control, not to mention entirely eliminate. The main problem is that workplace bullies often operate well within the written rules. Indeed, a psychological hallmark of most bullies is their deviousness in fully recognizing their acts of aggression such that they are careful to not contravene any laws or regulations on harrassment and discrimination. While comprehensive legislation have yet to be passed at the federal level in the United States, many local jurisdictions prohibit workplace bullying by allowing employees to sue for abusive or hostile work environments. With increasing worldwide awareness, the day of the boot-licking bully (a German term of derision from WWI referring to those obsequious towards superiors and abusive of subordinates) may finally be over.