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 Denim Aprons

Need protective industrial apparel? Choose Denim Aprons for durability that is fashionable! Need quality and savings plus good old-fashioned customer service with modern 21st Century shopping conveniences? Then look to WiperMaster.com and look no further for tough denim aprons at discount prices for occupational health and safety compliance that you can count on. WiperMaster.com is a small local family-owned and operated business that's been serving the American workplace for many years with quality supplies at low prices, with a full line of industrial apparel that will prevent ruined clothes and even epidermal contamination.

Denim aprons rank among our proudest specialties in a comprehensive catalog of thousands that grows daily with new arrivals. But the one thing of which we are most proud to offer is the one thing that really cannot be bought - because it is priceless: Your happiness. That's because we take very personally your WiperMaster.com shopping experience, for we have a reputation as the industry's most customer-sensitive company. We are so customer-centric because we are, after all, a small family-owned and operated business ourselves, not some anonymous "big box" franchise that doesn't know you from your cousin. We specialize in providing the human touch, the kind of personal attention most often associated with good old-fashioned "mom and pop" businesses.

With WiperMaster.com you get more than supplies - you get quality, you get savings, you get service, you get the whole company: We stand behind everything we do, and we will stand behind you...both before and after the sale! Indeed, it isn't just for low prices or a superb selection that we've managed to become the leading provider of workplace safety products. Coveralls, gloves, sleeves, ear plugs, safety goggles, shoe boots, vests, masks, hard hats - and of course, aprons. It's all here at WiperMaster.com, the internet super-source with everything in stock and ready to ship daily - or it doesn't exist!

  A Little About Denim

Originally a sturdy fabric called serge first made in Nīmes, France, "serge de Nīmes" was soon abbreviated to "denim." It is most often associated with jeans (which word comes from the French word for Genoa, Italy - Gźnes - where the first denim trousers were made), but the tough material is now used in any number of products, and not always an article of clothing. The strength of this fabric comes from its particular weave, where the weft passes under two or more warp threads, resulting in the familiar diagonal pattern seen on its underside. Such ruggedness makes denim particularly suitable for a wide variety of applications where durability is desired, but it is still most often used for apparel and only as a fashion statement more than anything practical since the material is quite heavy, making it hot in the summer though not well insulated for the winter.