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 Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable Shoe Covers rank among our proudest specialties here at WiperMaster.com, the source for occupational health and safety equipment and apparel with all the quality and savings you deserve. Our disposable shoe covers are a convenient way to protect footwear as well as the products being made. From food processing to electronics manufacturing, industries that require a high degree of cleanliness will require shoe covers!

Disposable shoe covers are also ideal for showing upscale properties with fine flooring; have your guests don a pair and you will never have to worry about skid marks and the like. Moreover, many of our disposable shoe covers are tough enough to withstand repeated use if need be. Choose from tread or treadless designs in near-universal and extra-large sizes. At WiperMaster.com, we have a comprehensive catalog of thousands of products that just keeps growing each and every day with new arrivals. If you don't see it here, it doesn't exist!

Shop WiperMaster.com and get more than disposable shoe covers. Get the whole company with each and every order: that's right, we stand behind everything we sell, and we stand behind our customers!

That's just how we like to do things here at WiperMaster.com. As a local family-owned and operated small business, we understand like no other company anywhere online or off just how important it is to have good old-fashioned customer care. Despite being the super-source for occupational health and safety equipment and apparel, we didn't get to be the leader simply through low prices alone. Not even a great selection of quality products truly distinguishes us as much as our dedication to traditional "mom and pop" customer service satisfaction second to none and often the very best there is!

We take your WiperMaster.com shopping experience very personally because we work hard every day to ensure that you get the kind of quality, selection, savings, and service you deserve. These aren't empty talking points for us. That's just how we like to do business here at WiperMaster.com. So that you can shop with confidence. Shop with conscience. Go WiperMaster.com for the got-to go-to for occupational health and safety products.

  Footwear and Workplace Safety

In settings where wet conditions such as slippery floors are a given, boots are often required for traction as well as protecting one's own feet from chemicals or debris. But certain environments can make do with shoe covers that have treads. Covering footwear in an electronics cleanroom, however, is to protect delicate products from contamination from one's own attire!