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 Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs are indispensible equipment for many industrial settings, but it's an unfortunate fact of modern life that they may also be necessary at home!

Welcome to WiperMaster.com and welcome to quality ear plugs of all kinds that will suit the task, whether it is construction work or getting a good night's sleep! We are a local small business that's been family-owned and operated ever since being established, and we understand how important the right ear plugs are for not only protecting your hearing but even at times your sanity! Our extensive lineup of audial protection products meet all recognized industry standards, with different models for different tasks. We carry consumer-grade types that help create a sense of peace and privacy as well as those suitable even for military applications like live-fire exercises! We also have ear plugs especially designed for keeping water out, whether for commercial or recreational diving. At WiperMaster.com, we have it all, and we have it with all the quality, savings, and service that you deserve.

Yes, we did say "service" just now - for it's easy to cut prices while cutting corners on this most basic of good old-fashioned American business practices, but here at WiperMaster.com we believe that it's about more than just ear plugs or any other safety equipment: It's about you, it's about your employees, it's about our community.

WiperMaster.com is the online clearinghouse powerhouse when it comes to anything and everything that promotes occupational health and safety, but we didn't get to be the industry leader through low prices alone. No, not even by offering exceptional quality and selection did we become the internet super-sensation with sales increasing every month. It's by offering the kind of "mom and pop" customer care that used to be standard but which now has become a premium feature of the modern shopping experience. We disagree, for business isn't just about money and inventory but also people and relationships. When you buy from WiperMaster.com, you are not simply getting the best you can get for your dollar. You're doing business with a business that respects your business!

  A Little About the Decibal System

The decibal, abbreviated dB, is a logarithmic unit of measurement for sound. The system arose out of methods used to quantify audio reduction in early telephone circuits, but has applications beyond acoustics. Though its use is widespread today, it is not an officially recognized standard of the International System of Units. Where ear plugs are concerned, a reference level of around 32dB is often used by manufacturers, the sound of moderate conversation.