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 Proflex Back Supports

Be kind to your back with WiperMaster.com Proflex Back Supports that help you lift the heavy stuff safely and effectively - with all the quality and value you'd expect from the online leader in occupational health and safety gear and apparel!

WiperMaster.com is the local family-owned and operated small business that's taken the industry by storm with great products at low prices. We've spent years supplying American workers with the right stuff for the job, and we have the experience to know what works and what doesn't! You can trust WiperMaster.com to offer only the very best price-to-performance ratios for any product category, whether it's Proflex back supports or anything else from our comprehensive catalog of hundreds of items - that keeps growing with new arrivals every day!

With such a superb selection, you know that if it's any it good it would be right here, at WiperMaster.com! Like everything else, our Proflex back supports are in stock and ready to ship daily. The back is arguably the key to the body, being its center of gravity and the nexus upon which all other parts depend. The lumbar region in particular lies at the crossroads of the body, so you really don't want to shut down this important junciton with an ill-timed strain!

Proper use of our Proflex back supports should help your form tremendously so that you can lift more, more often! A lot of back injuries occur due to bad form; using them should allow you to finally do your job without getting hurt. The back is a very delicate area, after all; powerful and strong but surprisingly weak at critical spots under certain conditions. It is like steel, with tensile strength that, however, is likely to remain impaired if ever breached.

Do your part in safeguarding your good health or that of your employees. And be sure to get it from WiperMaster.com to get it with all the quality and savings you deserve!