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 Protective Goggles

Quality Protective Goggles are yours at low discount prices here at WiperMaster.com, the online home of superior savings and selections on occupational health and safety products for home and commercial use. No one offers a more comprehensive catalog than WiperMaster.com, the industry price and quality leader that's been supplying American labor and workplaces with foam ear plugs that protect hearing and provide for peace of mind! Our incredible inventory grows daily with new arrivals, and everything is always in stock and ready to ship. We've been in this business a long time now, and you can trust WiperMaster.com to deliver all savings and service that you deserve!

Yes, "service." Beyond foam ear plugs, we also offer the best in quality and selection when it comes to nitrile gloves, shoe boots, disposable aprons and the like - thousands upon thousands of products - but the one thing we are most proud to provide is your complete and total customer service satisfaction. That's right, WiperMaster.com offers good old-fashioned "mom and pop" attention with the personal touch in combination with all the great conveniences of modern shopping in the 21st Century! With us, you get the local corner hardware store - without the rough and tumble! You get all the flexibility of the big box store - without the anonymity! You get service, you get value, you get selection - you get WiperMaster.com; you get the whole company with each and every order.

We're all in there, behind every purchase you make, from those who price-source the merchandise to those that pack it and ship it to you. We stand behind our products, and we'll stand behind you - both before and after the sale! That's just how we like to do business around here, and we hope that you'll see fit to do business with a business that really respects your business.

WiperMaster.com. Buy with confidence. Buy with your conscience.

  A Little About Safety Eyewear

Safety goggles or glasses typically enclose the areas around your eyes to prevent their exposure to harmful objects and wind, light, or water. Typically used in scientific and industrial settings, some forms of protective eyewear are also found in recreational contexts, such as with water and winter sports. Those with vision problems may use goggles with prescription lenses built-in or those models epxressly designed to accommodate prescription eyewear.