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 Shoe Covers

Quality Shoe Covers rank among our most popular items here at WiperMaster.com, the online clearinghouse powerhouse when it comes to selection and savings on occupational health and safety equipment and apparel. Shoe covers are used to protect both user and the product being made from contamination. Whether you or your workers process food or manufacture microchips, donning one of these covers benefits everyone involved. Choose from simple disposable designs for general protection or high quality makes specifically created to deal with chemicals. At WiperMaster.com, we have a comprehensive catalog of thousands of products that just keeps growing each and every day with new arrivals. If you don't see it here, it doesn't exist!

Our shoe covers are available in a universal size and a special extra-large size. You can have them with treads for slippery environments like fisheries or without if it's an electronics cleanroom you're dealing with. At WiperMaster.com you will find just the thing for your needs, plus all the good old-fashioned customer care you deserve!

That's because we are a local small business that's been family-owned and operated ever since the beginning and we understand just how important it is to find people you can trust. With WiperMaster.com, you don't only get a great selection of great products. You get the whole company with you every order! We are right there with you behind every purchase you make. That's right, the whole company goes into each and every order - because we take personally your WiperMaster.com shopping experience.

We are the source for anything and everything that promotes occupational health and safety, but we didn't get to be the industry leader through low prices alone. No, not even by offering exceptional quality and selection did we become the internet super-sensation with sales increasing every month. It's on account of our "mom and pop" customer service that we have made a name for ourselves. When you buy from WiperMaster.com, you are not simply getting the best you can get for your dollar. You're doing business with a business that respects your business!

WiperMaster.com. Shop with confidence. Shop with conscience.